The first national tricycles classic competition "Kingbon cup" award ceremony


August 28, when the Chinese valentine's day, in this full of fun days, Kingbon and the industry's first "five-star service certification" hi knot married with 50 from across the country to re-subscribe users of the forefront, with friends and family come together to witness Kingbon" customer first" business philosophy and "ten years as new" quality miracle.

In order to feedback the majority of users to Kingbon Group's concern and support to China's electric tricycle industry, April 18 to August 18 in this year, Kingbon Group organized the first three round of the classic vehicle competition, any brand, any models, free of charge for the country's three-wheeled classic vehicle repair, maintenance and other after-sales service, champion users will receive a total value of 45,000 prizes. Contest lasted four months, after more than 30,000 field selection, the cumulative participation of more than 2000000, eventually found more than 2,000 vehicles over the age of 10, still use Kingbon classic vehicles in normal, the actual data may be far more than these. After a rigorous selection, the top 50 award-winning old users were officially announced and invited to Kingbon Group to attend the awarding ceremony and take a dip in the Two Hans culture.

Wang Kejian from Shangqiu City, Henan Province, the purchased the "Kingbon No.1" in 2005 successfully won the championship and won the Kingbon new energy vehicles S7. As Wang Kejian is advanced in years and inconvenient to travel, so she asked her daughter Jiao yujie to accept the award.

At the award ceremony, Jiao Jue highly praised Kingbon's product quality and commitment, and did not forget the early return of the old user behavior. She said that in the past 11 years, the family's "Kinbon classic vehicle" except for wearing parts and batteries, the other parts has not been changed; my grandfather is still riding a daily Kingbon vehicle on the street to buy food.

Over the past 13 years,Kingbon has created too many "firsts": the first in the world in terms of sales volume, the first one to employ celebrity endorsements, the first one to launch CCTV ads, the first to introduce automobile technology, the first to go along the Long March, One import Huawei IPD product development model, the first to carry out three classic car race...... National Bicycle Electric Bicycle Quality Supervision and Inspection Center Zheng Peidong said at the award ceremony, "Kingbon is the most innovative electric vehicle industry enterprises. The practice and experience of Kingbon is not only worthy of learning and reference for China's electric vehicle industry, but also worthy of reference and reflection of Chinese manufacturing industry.

Last year, Kingbon with 13 years of ingenuity to adhere to become the industries only selected CCTV "craftsman" large-scale documentary business. This year, Kingbon has won the first "five-star after-sales service" in the industry with 13 years of quality service.

Kingbon Group said the company has the confidence, determination and ability to continue to shoulder the responsibility of industry leaders, continue to help boost the industry, to provide consumers with the best quality products and services.