Amazing! So many party and government agencies have taken the lead in using Kingbon new energy vehicles


Recently, the Central Office of the State Council issued the Measures for the Administration of Official Vehicles for Party and Government Organs, stipulating that party and government organs should be equipped with domestic cars and take the lead in using new energy vehicles, and gradually expanding the proportion of new energy vehicles in accordance with the regulations.

The announcement of this provision will undoubtedly bring historic development opportunities to China's new energy automotive industry. It is worth mentioning that Kingbon already fully serve party and government organs, is the preferred brand of short-distance official vehicle. 

In order to promote the development of China's new energy vehicles, the country is also struggling!

How much is the use of new energy vehicles in official cars and public services? Public vehicles, public buses, taxis, post logistics vehicles, police cars, etc. These countries have all released relevant new energy vehicles promotion plans in the past, basically requiring that by 2020, and the proportion of new energy vehicle more than 50%. 

The era of new energy vehicles for China from a car power to the transformation of the automotive power to bring about strategic opportunities.

In 2016, the sales volume of new energy vehicles in China exceeded 500,000 units, with the number of vehicles holding over 1 million vehicles, accounting for 50% of the global total. The production, sales, storage and number of charging posts were the largest in the world. From January to September 2017, sales volume of new energy vehicles in the country reached 800,000, a big increase.

Kingbon new energy vehicles after just 5 years of rapid development, sales network has been all over the country, more than 2,000 sales outlets. With innovative product design, excellent product quality, high cost performance and perfect service system, Kingbon has quickly become the first choice of new energy vehicles brand for public service vehicles and short-distance trips by the party and government agencies.