Engine :150 air-cooled engine

Front Shock Absorber :φ43 

Cargo Box Size(mm) :1800×1200 ×320

Tyres :Front:3.50-16/Rear : 5.00-12

Leaf Spring :9 pieces 50 leaf spring

Rear Axle :φ60

Battery :12V14AH maintenance-free


Product Details



150 air-cooled engine

Front Shock Absorber


Cargo Box Size(mm)

1800×1200 ×320


Front:3.50-16/Rear : 5.00-12

Leaf Spring

9 pieces 50 leaf spring

Rear Axle



12V14AH maintenance-free



Our selling point

Strong: 150 air-cooled engine, full power, good heat dissipation, vehicle carrying capacity

Comfort: The design and ergonomics of the classic Prince Edward structure, showing the best comfort and ease of use for driving "people, machines and environment"

Large load: double-ear load leaf spring, taking into account the comfort; Changan rear axle high-precision design, different speed ratio options to enhance load capacity and climbing ability

Performance: the vehicle center of mass settings match to improve driving grip and adhesion; φ43 shock absorption spring can fully meet the demanding requirements of the use of the environment, climbing such as leveling; large tank, a refueling life of 450 km; suitable Rural, urban, urban and rural areas and the use of the junction

Our selling point

Beautiful: streamlined new fuel tank / plate dynamic overall design, delicate and beautiful atmosphere; high brightness large diameter lighting, large digital screen display instrument

Safety: front and rear brakes to match the braking state, improve vehicle braking performance under poor road conditions to ensure the stability of the braking direction

Appearance: The appearance of the vehicle luster, high film thickness; simple and elegant silver brushed decals; 40 × 80 GB pipe frame highlights solid and heavy

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