Front Shock Absorber :φ37 

Cargo Box Size(mm) :1600x1100x300 

Tyres :Front 4.00-12/Rear4.00-12

Leaf Spring :6 pieces 50 leaf spring

Rear Axle :φ60

Battery :60V45AH maintenance-free


Product Details


Front Shock Absorber


Cargo Box Size(mm)



Front 4.00-12/Rear4.00-12

Leaf Spring

6 pieces 50 leaf spring

Rear Axle



60V45AH maintenance-free


Our selling point

Strong: kingbon dedicated 60V3000W smart range extender, powerful, good cooling effect, long service life, low maintenance

Comfort: adopt the advanced hydraulic spring compound shock absorber in the industry, which has the advantages of shock absorption, good comfort and long service life

Large load: adopt the industry's advanced micro-car Changan taper rear axle, transmission efficiency, strong power, long service life, low maintenance

Our selling point

Aesthetics: the new 1.0mm steel plate die stamping process, forming a windshield, high strength, small vibration, long service life

Security: the use of seat plus handrail structure, comfortable, safe and reliable, thickened backrest chair large comfortable driving

Vehicle appearance and performance: vehicle appearance gloss, film thickness; intelligent fool operation, low fuel consumption high-power extender

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