Engine :200  water-cooling  / foot shift file

Front Shock Absorber :φ50 

Cargo Box Size(mm) :2200x1400x 400

Tyres:Front : 5.00-12/Rear: 5.00-12

Leaf Spring :11 pieces 63 leaf spring

Rear Axle :φ70

Battery :12V 32AH


Product Details



200 water-cooling / foot shift file

Front Shock Absorber


Cargo Box Size(mm)

2200x1400x 400


Front: 5.00-12/Rear: 5.00-12

Leaf Spring

11 pieces 63 leaf spring

Rear Axle



12V 32AH


Our selling point

Large load: Double-coil ear double-leaf spring design, taking into account the comfort of overloading; φ70 long floating oil brake 10:37 Heavy duty micro-car rear axle

Safety: three-wheel interchange tire structure, while driving and steering stability has also been effectively strengthened

Strong: quote BMW high-performance engine water cooling technology, cooling effect is better. By increasing oil storage technology and rapid pumping oil technology, effectively reducing the engine operating temperature and ensure the engine running at high speed, smooth oil supply and extend the service life of the engine

Durable: automotive engineering box, increase the width of stiffener to make the overall structure of the car more solid, high-end appearance of the atmosphere, bearing capacity of up to 2 tons

Our selling point

Reliable: four cradle 40 × 80 keel frame, made of GB steel; in the three-speed to meet the needs of different loads

Comfort: φ50 rocker arm shock absorption all road conditions designed to fully meet the demanding requirements of the use of the environment, bearing capacity, comfort, impact resistance and other comprehensive ability to climb uphill

Beautiful: the overall fuel tank / guard dynamic design, exquisite beauty of the atmosphere; high-brightness large diameter lighting, large digital screen display instrument

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