Engine :150 air-cooled engine / foot shift

Front Shock Absorber :φ43 

Cargo Box Size(mm) :1600x1100x320

Tyres :Front:4.00-12/Rear: 4.00-12

Leaf Spring :8 pieces 50 leaf spring

Rear Axle :φ60

Battery :12V 14AH maintenance-free


Product Details



150 air-cooled engine / foot shift

Front Shock Absorber


Cargo Box Size(mm)



Front:4.00-12/Rear: 4.00-12

Leaf Spring

8 pieces 50 leaf spring

Rear Axle



12V 14AH maintenance-free



Our selling point

Strong: kingbon dedicated 150 air-cooled engine, high torque, wider thickened clutch plates, powerful, good cooling effect, long life, low maintenance

Comfort: the use of the industry's advanced external spring hydraulic composite shock absorber, carrying capacity, damping effect, comfort, long service life

Large load: the industry's most advanced integrated rear axle, transmission efficiency, strong power, long life, low maintenance

Our selling point

Beautiful: the use of full-scale stamping process, one-piece cab, high strength, small vibration; large standard GB pipe material, large air duct effectively reduce the engine temperature to ensure its dynamic efficiency

Vehicle appearance and performance: the overall appearance of the vehicle smooth, solid, highlight the atmosphere, shiny thick paint, applique dynamic charm, craftsman spirit production, vehicle fine detail. Details to deal with the changes, resulting in an irresistible appeal, with MP3, radio, USB jack, convenient for customers to ride, real gold quality, comfortable space, safe driving

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