Jin Peng served in the Yingdong Chengguan Law Enforcement Bureau of Fuyang, Anhui Province

On the afternoon of May 10, Jinpeng Electric Vehicle and Yingdong District Urban Management and Law Enforcement Bureau of Fuyang City, Anhui Province held a ceremoniously handover and use ceremony of Jinpeng Police Vehicles in Jihe He Sports Park Square of Yingdong District, and the first 30 Jinpeng police vehicles were officially delivered to Yingdong District Urban Management and Law Enforcement Bureau of Fuyang City. With the perfect completion of the handover ceremony, Jinpeng police vehicles and Yingdong District Urban Management and Law Enforcement Bureau jointly opened a new mode of green official business travel in Fuyang City, and the second batch of 200 police vehicles will be delivered as scheduled.



Jin Peng police patrol car set lamp, propaganda apparatus patrol system and toolbox at an organic whole, with its motor, smart features provide convenience for street patrol, improve the efficiency of urban management duty, expand coverage for inspection, patrol facilitation to enhance flexibility and mobility of the law enforcement, not only environmental protection and energy saving, and a beautiful, elegant appearance, can display officers had more fully Wu image, effectively improve the city management level, enhance the image of the city, Yingdong added a beautiful scenery line.


In recent years, under the background of energy conservation and green travel, green business travel has become a new trend. New energy vehicles have gradually become a new highlight of official vehicles. As the development direction of new energy, it has great advantage in energy saving, emission reduction, Jin Peng green traffic tools such as police cars put into use not only greatly reduce the expenditure of the official cars, has an important positive significance for promoting the construction of a conservation-minded government, the spread of new energy transportation also have positive exemplary role.