“2022 Provincial Engineering Research Center” JEMMEL New Energy Vehicle

It is proposed to identify Jiangsu JEMMEL New Energy Vehicle Industry Co., Ltd. as the “2022 Provincial Engineering Research Center” through the procedures of reporting to the Commission for discipline inspection, preliminary review by the third party, expert review, credit review and deliberation at the Commission Director’s Office 

JEMMEL New Energy has won the honor of national high-tech enterprise, provincial enterprise technology center, provincial industrial design center, municipal engineering research center, municipal engineering technology research center and other R&D platforms. This time, the “Jiangsu Engineering Research Center” is built to focus on new energy vehicles and key parts technology in the development of green and low-carbon industries, Build an innovation platform for the new energy vehicle intelligent networking and drive system engineering research center, and carry out research on the development of new energy vehicles, lightweight technology development, information management service application technology development, etc. Break through the construction of key technology platforms such as the R&D matching of the three electricity system, so as to improve product quality, master core technology, improve industrial innovation ability, and promote regional economic development! It is planned to build a “National Engineering Research Center” in 2-3 years in JEMMEL New Energy Project