Carrying capacity of 2000 kg, climbing 40 kilometers at -8°C, Jinpeng Power III conquered Daban Mountain in Qinghai CHINA

Recently, the Jinpeng electric tricycle has a steep slope load of 2,000 kilograms to challenge the Twelve Panpo and Daban Mountain of Beishan Mountain in Huzhu County, Qinghai Province. It is reported that the whole course of this event is 40 kilometers, during which there are many U-shaped bends, the route is tortuous, the mountain is steep, the maximum slope is 18°, and the altitude exceeds 3000 meters. Jinpeng aims to test the electric tricycle through the form of “load climbing”. Excellent performance and surging power.

The models participating in the challenge include “Tuba”, “Tyrannosaurus”, “Hercules”, “Fengrui II”, “Chuanyue II”, etc., all of which are tailor-made for mountainous terrain with high power and anti-skid Features such as slope, strong load, and steep slope descent.

Qinghai is located in western China and sits on the northeast of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, the roof of the world. The Twelve Pan Slope of Beishan Mountain is located on the Huangyahuo Highway in Daban Mountain, Huzhu County, Qinghai Province. It is named because of its twelve turns. The road is narrow, steep, and steep, making it extremely difficult to travel. Daban Mountain, Menyuan, is located at the junction of Datong and Menyuan counties in Qinghai Province. It is one of the Qilian Mountains. Passage is 3940 meters above sea level. It is the main transportation route from Qinghai to Gansu. It has snow in all seasons and the annual average temperature is -3.9 ℃, extreme low temperature -34℃. In winter and spring, the snow is full of ice, and avalanches are often encountered, which is dangerous and difficult to navigate.

The challenge started from the bottom of the Beishan 12panpo slope. The temperature at that time was close to -8°C, but it did not affect the enthusiasm for the challenge. On the premise of ensuring safety, six riders drove the Jinpeng electric tricycle with a maximum load of 2,000 kg, and finally reached the destination successfully in a total of about 2 hours. This route, known as “the most beautiful mountain road on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau”, has witnessed Jinpeng’s determination to continuously promote technological progress in the industry and serve users, and once again consolidated Jinpeng’s product attributes of “high-power mountain bikes”.