Jinshun “June 1st Children’s Day” Open Day

What kind of company is Mom and Dad’s company? They do it every day
What are they? Will the place where they work is like a playground? I don’t know it is
Not every parent will be asked these questions by their children.

On June 1, in order to narrow the distance between the company and the family, Jinpeng Group Jin Yishun
Xiaowei grandly held the 2021 “June 1” Open Day event, the theme of this event
Vivid-“Work together and grow together! When you learn happily, when I work hard
Do! You are the pride of your parents, and your parents are your role models.” Jin Yishun Xiaowei invited
Family members and children are invited to come to Jinpeng Group to experience the Jin Yishun team together
The warm atmosphere of the company strengthens the mutual integration of corporate culture and family culture,
Let “Xiaojia” and “everyone” connect more closely.

Feel the strength of Jinpeng at the first stop

Jin Yishun Xiaowei General Manager Mou Jing and all the staff extended a warm welcome to the children, and thanked the family for their support and understanding in their daily lives, and wish the children a happy Children’s Day. In the exhibition hall on the first floor, the children lined up and looked curiously at the various electric vehicles displayed in the exhibition hall.

The second stop of the factory workshop to experience the real classroom

The children took a sightseeing bus to the assembly workshop. When stepping into the workshop for the first time, the children all sighed: “It turns out that cars are produced like this”! Looking at the car production process from a real scene, we understand how the car goes through the four major processes of stamping, welding, painting and final assembly from a steel plate. Manufacturing eventually becomes a complete new car, and has a preliminary understanding and perception of automobile manufacturing.

The third stop is laughter and laughter to bring the family closer

The children came to the group meeting room. Li Hongqiang, the product manager of Jinyishun, introduced the company’s development history in detail, and showed the wonderful moments of parents working in the Jinyishun team through PPT, so that the children have a clearer understanding of the work of their parents. In the game session, through two groups of families (one person
(A child) PK each other with balloons, the child once again feels that competition is inevitable in the growth process and needs to face it by itself. At the same time, with the help and care of parents, they can achieve a goal together.

The fourth stop of the mysterious link touched everyone

Under the arrangement of general manager Mou Jing, the Jin Yishun team planned an unforgettable wedding anniversary event for Li Hongqiang and his wife. An old photo, a bouquet of flowers, a cake, a reenactment of the marriage proposal scene, pushed the event to a climax with applause and blessings.

Finally, General Manager Mou Jing gave a speech: Children are our future and hope.
Every child is a light and is the cutest appearance in the world. I hope that the children of the Jin Yishun team will be grateful and work hard.

The Jin Yishun team will let more families choose Jinpeng products to create a more green and environmentally friendly future, so that children can breathe purely and laugh freely on every Children’s Day.