Combating Trademark Infringement

On 26 July 2022, Jinpeng Group discovered that an electric vehicle dealership in Min County, Dingxi City, Gansu Province sold electric tricycles with the word “Jinpeng Jingang” which were not our products, but used the product logo with the word “Jinpeng”, and sold a large number of them, which seriously infringed the legitimate rights and interests of Jinpeng Group.

On 23 August 2022, after investigation by the Min County Municipal Supervision Bureau, the fact of the infringement was confirmed, and an administrative penalty decision was issued for the illegal act, Min City Supervision Division Letter (2022) 164, confiscating the illegal income, forfeiting illegal property and imposing a fine.

Since its establishment, Jinpeng Group has been adhering to the corporate mission of “creating beautiful travel with technology and driving corporate growth with innovation”, insisting on innovative development and safeguarding intellectual property rights. The Group has been awarded “Five Star Brand”, “Jiangsu Excellence”, “WRCA World Record”, “China Well-known Trademark”, “National Hundred Quality and Integrity Benchmark Demonstration Enterprise”, “National Product and Service Quality and Integrity Demonstration Enterprise”, and “National Product and Service Integrity Demonstration Enterprise”. “National Product and Service Quality and Integrity Demonstration Enterprise” and many other honors, has a very high visibility and influence.

All along, Jinpeng has been vigorously defending intellectual property rights and brand reputation and cracking down on all kinds of infringements. For the above case of hitchhiking and brand name infringement, Jinpeng Group will definitely take up the legal weapon to defend the brand rights. The market supervision department of Min County, Gansu Province, cracked down on the illegal acts of producing and operating counterfeit and shoddy goods, forming a deterrent atmosphere, further purifying the market environment and safeguarding the fair competition market economic order and the trademark reputation rights of Jinpeng Group.