Dragon Boat Festival is coming

The Dragon Boat Festival is one of the four traditional Chinese festivals, along with the Spring Festival, Tomb-sweeping Day and Mid-Autumn Festival. The Dragon Boat Festival culture has a wide influence in the world. Some countries and regions in the world also have activities to celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival.

To carry forward the traditional culture of the Chinese nation and inherit customs. On June 10, the trade union of Jinpeng Group organized the activity of making zongzi and offering love. More than 20 workers from various industrial platforms participated in the activity scene. They were laughing and happy and all hands and feet were in the peaceful atmosphere.

At three o ‘clock in the afternoon, after nearly five hours of cooking, the dumplings were already ripe. Under the leadership of Fan Yanqin, the president of the labor union, the charity team immediately loaded the dumplings and went to Zhuyu Temple and Tiantong Nursing Home, so that the chefs and the elderly could eat the fresh and hot dumplings in the first time.