Electric tricycle industry platform product line held Honda development process case sharing

Nowadays, R & D has become the main battlefield of enterprise competition, R & D project management is a very challenging job.Good R & D management system plays a strong supporting role in the high speed operation and continuous acquisition of competitiveness of enterprises.

Previous R & D management is too rough, simple, backward tools, lack of complete management process.Therefore, it is essential to import sound development processes.

To further cooperate with the group to import Honda development process, electric tricycle product line general manager Ma Guang positive response, the first to import, successfully completed the pilot new development project Fuyue (QX) and iterative project Xianglong (DD).

For ensuring that honda’s development management process can really be implemented, on july 8th, LPL wang ping was the representative of all members of the honda development process to share the actual operation.The content of this sharing is roughly:

  1. The five stages before C and C、G、PD、E the whole development process are explained in combination with the actual cases, especially the higher requirements for the work of the D department
  2. Share success stories and lessons learned from case projects and identify risks to be noted in R & D management
  3. Benefits of Honda’s R & D process


The sharing by all members of the unanimous praise, and feel that Honda development process is not only to master a certain theoretical knowledge, but also need to continue to practice and summary, in order to use the ease.

For Honda development process, Ma Guang general manager clearly put forward that learning is a gradual process, requiring each product group to actively apply, can not only talk on paper,should to steady, solid landing. Once again show the determination to Honda development process import.