Electric tricycle quality center strengthens the quality awareness of personnel in each base

In order to further improve the professional and technical level of the team leaders in each manufacturing base of the Diansan platform, and enhance the quality awareness of the team leaders, the Diansan Platform Quality Center carried out quality awareness training in each manufacturing base in May. The training was organized by the quality center trainer Sun Shang.

The quality awareness can often measure the quality of an employee’s work, as well as the effectiveness of an organization’s quality management. It stipulates “ability, awareness and training”, and puts quality awareness and quality ability in parallel. As the main content of training. Regarding awareness and training, it is more specific and detailed than competence and training. The knowledge, ideas, beliefs, etc. required for quality awareness are quite extensive. Quality awareness has the function of controlling employees’ quality behavior, so that their behavior meets the requirements of quality awareness.

The training content mainly includes quality definition, quality awareness development, implementation of quality standards, application of quality tools, etc. The training focuses on improving the analysis ability of team leaders in the face of process quality problems, and ensuring that they have the ability to perform the position of team leader. Conditions and requirements. The training has to a large extent strengthened the quality awareness of the team leaders, improved the methods and capabilities of quality management, and promoted the further improvement of the quality management system audit ability.