High tribute-Jinpeng’s full range of models entered the Potala Palace!

The Potala Palace is the largest and most complete ancient palace complex in Tibet. It attracts countless pilgrims and tourists from all over the world every year. It is the cultural heritage left by the Tibetan people to the world, and it is also the highest palace in the world. Therefore, the Potala Palace has very strict requirements for internal vehicles. Jinpeng relies on the rich product line and the “real gold quality” accumulated over the years. Word of mouth has been recognized by the Potala Palace! The products provided by Jinpeng Group to the Potala Palace include 11 electric bicycles, electric tricycles and new energy vehicles, which are used for the internal maintenance and commuting of the Potala Palace.

The vehicle handover ceremony was successfully held at the foot of the Red Mountain of the Potala Palace. Jue Dan, Director of the Potala Palace Management Office, expressed gratitude and praise to Tencent and Jinpeng for the public welfare initiatives of the Potala Palace on behalf of the Potala Palace.



In the curve test of climbing the Potala Palace, Jinpeng relied on powerful power configuration to drive freely on a continuous 30% steepness, successfully climbed to the top of the Red Mountain, and came to the foot of the Red Palace of the Potala Palace, showing The strong passability of Jinpeng.


Being able to serve the Potala Palace is the supreme honor of Jinpeng. We sincerely thank the Potala Palace for its auspicious blessings to the world, and wish the Potala Palace more outstanding innovations and innovations in the great “new era”. Vigor to lead the cultural rejuvenation of the Chinese nation!