JEMMELL New Energy On CCTV News

Recently, Jemmell new energy, together with Lingbox automobile and Guoji commercial vehicle, has appeared on CCTV news, “green, low-carbon, intelligent and safe”, leading the new trend of green travel.

For a long time, Jemmell new energy has closely followed the national strategy, combined with the development trend of the automobile industry, accelerated the pace of innovation with the new four modernizations strategy as the core, and focused on the small new energy vehicle market. With the user as the center and the market as the guide, Jemmell new energy has successively launched a series of small new energy vehicles with key advantages such as easy driving and parking, rich configuration, convenient charging, safety and reliability. The diversified product matrix fully meets the use scenarios and consumption preferences of cities, counties and townships.

In the future, Jemmell new energy will continue to take small new energy vehicles as the development path, continuously empower products and continuously upgrade services, so that more users can enjoy the more relaxed and convenient travel experience brought by new energy vehicles, and truly realize the transformation of consumption potential into market growth momentum.