Jin Peng challenges the highest mountain in Yunnan

On May 18, Jinpeng once again successfully challenged another famous mountain, the highest in Yunnan
Peak “Liangwang Mountain”: load nearly 1000 kg, continuous climbing 11 kilometers, the largest
The slope exceeds 25°. Jinpeng also became the first climbing beam with a load of 2,000 catties
Wangshan’s electric car brand.

Liangwang Mountain is located between Chengjiang and Chenggong counties in Kunming, Yunnan, more than 40 kilometers away from Kunming. It has the reputation of “the first mountain in Tanzhong, the mountain of King Street in Yunnan”. The highest altitude is 2 820 meters and the lower altitude is 1770 meters, making it the highest valley in Australia and China. From the south to the north, the mountains are majestic and majestic. The cliffs to the west are thousands of beginnings, tall and steep, the east is surrounded by peaks, ancient trees, and stretches for more than 100 kilometers.


Full of mysterious legends, at around 9 am, 6 riders drove 6 Jinpeng electric tricycles equipped with “Golden Power” system, carrying a weight of 1000 kg, starting from the foot of Liangwang Mountain, winding up all the way, which took more than 1 hour Successfully climbed to the top.

Liangwang Mountain has always been favored by Qixing enthusiasts all over the country. Many hobbies of riding bicycles and mountain bikes are not far away, just for a glimpse of Liangwang Mountain. The Jinpeng “Golden Power” Ultimate Load Power Challenge is located at Liangwang Mountain, not only to test the excellent performance and surging power of “Golden Power” in the form of “load climbing”, but also to let users across the country Let’s witness Jinpeng’s firm determination to promote technological progress in the industry and help rural revitalization.