Jinpeng automobile 2022 summer new product launch

Mr. Wang Yao, the product director, brought the release of Jitu 03. The classic two door four seat model, which also adopts the industry’s first T-Power double gear transmission technology, is bound to become a popular model in the industry and set off a new round of sales boom

Since the establishment of Jinpeng automobile, the cumulative sales volume has exceeded 300000 units. It took six years to become a leading brand in the industry. Amy, T90 and other models have quickly become the industry’s top models of the year.

Mr. Wang Haichong, the owner of Jinpeng automobile industry platform, delivered an important speech on enterprise positioning and development strategic planning. Facing the new industry situation, Jinpeng automobile will further improve the product structure, create better quality, dig deep into the market, increase investment, and harvest the market.