Jinpeng electric vehicle enters Potala Palace

Potala Palace, the largest and most complete ancient palace complex in Tibet, attracts countless pilgrims and tourists from all over the world every year. He is a cultural heritage left by the Tibetan people to the world, and is also the highest palace in the world. Therefore, the Potala Palace has very strict requirements for internal vehicles. With its rich product line and the reputation of “real gold quality” accumulated over the years, Jinpeng won the recognition of Potala Palace! Jinpeng group will provide 11 electric bicycles, tricycles and new energy vehicles to Potala Palace for internal maintenance and commuting. 

In the curve test of climbing to the top of Potala Palace, Jin Peng, relying on powerful power configuration, drove freely on 30% continuous steep slopes, successfully climbed to the top of the red mountain, and came to the foot of the Red Palace of Potala Palace, showing the strong passing ability of Jinpeng.

It is a great honor for Jinpeng to serve the Potala Palace. We sincerely thank the Potala Palace for its auspicious protection to the world.