Jinpeng “Golden Power”: The challenge mileage exceeds 1,000 kilometers, and the maximum slope is nearly 60°

On May 27th, with the Jinpeng “Golden Power Ultimate Load Power Challenge (Jiangsu Huaguoshan Station) ended, a period of half a month, spanning 17 provinces City, climbed to the top of 25 mountains, accumulated climbing mileage of more than 1,000 kilometers, A single live broadcast of the “Golden Power” Power Challenge with over 300,000 attendees Temporarily come to an end.

The Jinpeng “Golden Power” extreme load power challenge includes most of the Famous historical mountains: Shandong Taishan, Henan Songshan, Xinjiang Fire
Yanshan Mountain, Wutai Mountain in Shanxi, Taihang Mountain in Henan, Changbai Mountain in Jilin, Hainan Wuzhi Mountain, Henan West Jiuhua Mountain, Anhui Langya Mountain, Hebei Xibaipo, Jiangsu Huaguoshan, etc., proved the outstanding performance of Golden Power with actions.

The “Golden Power” system is a collection of “motors, control A set of mechatronics technology based on “reducer and speed reducer (differential)”, with hardware
Many advantages such as high configuration, large output power, strong carrying capacity, etc., have Five national patents, compared with ordinary power system, high carrying capacity More than 50% will be used to achieve “the same road section, more than half.

“The advent of the “Golden Power” system can effectively help users of electric tricycles understandThe pain points of using products that do not pull too much, run slowly, and run not far.Industry insiders pointed out that such high-frequency and high-quality extreme events will be held in the short term.The load limit challenge is a rare event in the electric tricycle industry, and it can be described as a history Unprecedented, grand scale. It not only highlights Jinpeng as an electric tricycle The strength and courage of the industry’s leading company, and thus opened the electric tricycle A new chapter in the technological revolution of power systems in the automotive industry.