Jinpeng Group donated books and love activities

There are a group of special children around us – special mentally handicapped children. They have bright eyes, but refuse to look at each other; They have normal hearing, but turn a deaf ear to the call of their relatives; They can speak normally, but do not communicate with others; They may be regarded as mentally retarded, but they often have extraordinary abilities in some fields… They twinkle in another world alone like stars.

For this reason, we hope that more people will pay attention to this special group by carrying out book donation activities. We also hope to carry out one-to-one assistance through book donation activities, and also let employees know that they can help such a group of lovely children through their love. It is hoped that more people will join the ranks of helping children with special intellectual disabilities and their families, and that this society will be full of sunshine because of the love of each and every one of us.

In the future, while pursuing the development of the company, Jinpeng group will continue to practice corporate social responsibility and contribute to public welfare undertakings.