Jinpeng Group has passed the measurement management system (AAA) certification

In the tense and busy days a few years ago, my lovely colleagues, together with the elites of the Quality Department of China Electronics Technology Co., Ltd., passed the Beijing National Standard Joint Certification after three days of unremitting efforts from 2022.1.12 to 2022.1.14. Ltd. certification. When an enterprise obtains the measurement management system certification, it is an acknowledgement by an authoritative certification body that the enterprise meets the ISO10012 international standard, and a recognition of the enterprise’s measurement management capability by the international and domestic and foreign markets. It is more conducive for enterprises to consciously establish a system in accordance with the international advanced measurement and testing management mode, and promote enterprises to move closer to international standards. The measurement management system has been established and operated, which has played a basic guarantee role in meeting international standards such as 9000 quality management system, 14000 environmental management system, 18000 safety and occupational health management system, 17025 general requirements for testing and calibration laboratory capabilities. Contribute to the certification and accreditation of various management systems of enterprises.