JINPENG Group JEMMELL new energy vehicle was recognized as the industrial design center of Jiangsu Province

After the group’s technical service sharing platform provided procedures for enterprise declaration, Xuzhou recommendation, credit review, expert review, and in-house review, finally “Jiangsu Jimai New Energy Vehicle Co., Ltd. publicized it on the official website of the Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology, and plans to identify It is the Jiangsu Industrial Design Center in 2021.

Provincial Industrial Design Center Application and Certification Background: Jiangsu Industrial Design Center refers to a strong industrial design innovation capability, rich industrial design innovation results, and significant results in optimizing and upgrading industrial products, strengthening brand building, and improving economic benefits, and has important demonstrations And the leading role, the industrial design based on the industrial design department of the industry and manufacturing enterprises in the province, and the industrial design enterprise.

Advantages of the Provincial Industrial Design Center after declaration and recognition: Jiangsu Provincial Industrial Design Center arranges government funding subsidies for companies that are recognized as successful, and the Provincial Economic and Information Commission will give key support to those that have passed the Jiangsu Industrial Design Center and industrial design certification; the development of related industries in the province , The transformation and upgrading guide funds will give priority support to the provincial industrial design center enterprises.