Jinpeng group – Jinzhi new energy obtained the “intellectual property management system certificate”

Enterprises are the main body of independent innovation, but also the main body of intellectual property creation, application, management and protection. Improving the level of intellectual property management of enterprises is an important guarantee to enhance the ability of independent innovation.

On March 6, 2022, Bochuang Zhongcheng (Beijing) Certification Service Co., Ltd. conducted a two-day on-site audit on the operation of our intellectual property management system (gb/t 29490-2013). This audit mainly covered the intellectual property management of the design and sales of new energy vehicles. After two days’ review by the expert group, they unanimously spoke highly of our efforts in the management of intellectual property system, believed that our audit projects met the requirements of gb/t 29490-2013 standard, and issued the intellectual property management system certification on March 17.