Jinpeng Group launches emergency rescue training

In order to further popularize the knowledge of emergency care, improve the self-rescue and mutual rescue capabilities of company employees in the face of emergencies, and improve safety awareness and emergency care skills, on July 17, the company invited the Second Hospital of Xu Mining Group to the company to carry out the basic emergency care. Knowledge training activities.

At the training meeting, Director Guo of the Department of Laboratory Medicine of the Second Hospital of Xuzhou Mining Group, based on the company’s industry characteristics, combined with pictures, data, and cases, vividly taught various basic knowledge of emergency care and the judgment of the entry medical report data in humorous language.
The training instructor used a simulator to demonstrate the operation steps of cardiopulmonary resuscitation, and explained in detail the operation steps and skills and precautions such as assessing the environment, judging breathing and consciousness, chest compressions, oral foreign body removal, opening the airway, and artificial respiration. . In the actual operation, the ambulance training lecturer personally demonstrated and patiently explained and corrected the irregular movements of the trainees in the practice, so that everyone quickly mastered the basic skills of emergency care such as cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

After this training, the employees who participated in the training have expressed that they have gained a lot, not only have played a great role in mastering the knowledge of first aid in daily life, but also improved their ability to respond to emergencies.