Jinpeng Group won the green footprint evaluation certificate!

With global warming, climate change has gradually attracted people’s attention, green footprint evaluation has become a new brand strategy communication channel.

Green footprint is a manifestation of resources and energy. By carrying out green footprint evaluation, the carbon emissions of the whole life cycle of products are calculated, and the energy use and resource utilization of products are analyzed, so as to improve energy efficiency, reduce energy consumption, reduce operating costs and pollutant emissions, and promote the benign and sustainable development of enterprises. develop.

By conducting green footprint evaluation, Jinpeng can demonstrate its determination and courage to address climate change to the public, society and other relevant parties, further enhance its corporate image, enhance product market competitiveness, and demonstrate Jinpeng Group’s environmental protection and social responsibility!

Since the launch of the project in November 2021, Jinpeng Group’s procurement center and power industry platform have actively cooperated, and departments such as R&D, technology, transportation, manufacturing, equipment safety and environmental protection, painting, and post-sales have given strong support and cooperation.

Advantages of Green Footprint Evaluation:

Further enhance market competitiveness by promoting green footprint evaluation products;

Reduce damage to the environment, thereby realizing the commitment to environmental protection;

Show Jinpeng’s environmental protection and social responsibility!