Jinpeng Group won the “Second Prize of Science and Technology of Jiangsu Province”

Recently, the Jiangsu Provincial People’s Government issued a document to officially announce the “Provincial Government’s Decision on Jiangsu Provincial Science and Technology Awards in 2021” (Su Zhengfa [2022] No. 28), Jinpeng Group and China University of Mining and Technology declared “High-efficiency and high-reliability switched reluctance motors”. The “Key Technology and Application of the System” project won the second prize of the 2021 Jiangsu Science and Technology Award, and the company achieved zero breakthroughs in the “Provincial Science and Technology Award”!

How powerful is the Jiangsu Science and Technology Award?

Jiangsu Science and Technology Award is the highest award in the field of science and technology in our province. It mainly awards scientific and technological projects that have achieved significant economic or social benefits in technological invention, technological development, promotion and transformation of scientific and technological achievements, high-tech industrialization, etc. Workers make positive contributions to promoting high-quality development.

Jinpeng Group adheres to the corporate mission of “creating beautiful travel with technology and driving enterprise growth with innovation”, adopts an innovation-driven development strategy, firmly grasps the development opportunities in the first year of the “14th Five-Year Plan”, strengthens quality, takes multiple measures, and actively Seeking technical cooperation with 211/985 university professors, the innovation ability has been continuously improved, the research and development strength has been continuously enhanced, and a number of high-quality scientific research results have been produced, and a series of major awards and honors have been obtained. It is hoped that the technical workers of Jinpeng Group will always walk in the same direction with the development of the new era, continuously improve the ability of scientific and technological innovation, focus on solving important quality problems and key technical problems, and add wisdom to the construction of the company’s “first-class R&D platform” and high-quality development.