Jinpeng Group’s product family has added a new member –EEC (E MARK)

EEC certification (E-mark certification) is an ID card and pass to enter the EU market. It is an approval system for auto parts implemented in accordance with the ECE regulations signed and promulgated by the Economic Commission for Europe (ECE) in Geneva. All automotive electronic and electrical products that enter the EU market for sale must pass e-Mark related testing and certification, and label e-marks. EU customs will release them and allow them to enter the local market. Therefore, automotive electronic and electrical products must be e-marked. Mark certification is imperative.

With the effective control of the global epidemic, the economies of various countries have gradually recovered, and the volume of global trade transactions has gradually increased, accelerating the pace of internationalization. In order to seize the EU market faster and better, and expand the diversification of Jinpeng’s products, according to the annual strategic plan of Jinyishun Xiaowei, a total of 2 EU-certified vehicles (cargo and leisure) will be deployed, led by Jinyishun Xiaowei, in conjunction with the group’s technical service. Platform, Group Quality Center, Jimai New Energy Industry Platform, Rhein Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. and other forces have jointly completed the EU product certification of Jinpeng Group.

Combining with the knowledge accumulation of regulations in the first EU in-plant test process in 2020 and adequate preparation for the test, the order of the test projects is rationally arranged. The EU certification requires a total of 24 test projects, and the Jinpeng Group’s in-plant test projects have completed 23 of them. All items have successfully passed the test. The test period for the two certified vehicles is 2.5 days (the period for one vehicle in 2020 is 3.5 days), and the timeliness is greatly improved. For the Jinpeng Group’s EU-certified in-plant test project And the whole team is a brand new breakthrough.