Jinpeng Group’s seventh issue of QCC results has published successfully!

Since the launch of QCC activities in 2019, the Group has successfully held seven consecutive sessions of the Conference on the publication of QCC results, which has become a platform for units to exchange, inspire each other, and accept new knowledge and experience.Under the leadership of the group at all levels and the strong support of various business units, has achieved fruitful results.As the activities continue, we have gradually developed a combination of QCC activities and practical improvement work. Through continuous efforts, both the quantity and quality of results have been significantly improved, and the data of each business unit is refreshing new records in each phase.

To continue to promote QCC activities in depth, on the afternoon of 8 July, the Group’s third floor multi-function hall held the seventh the seventh issue of QCC results presentation.5WHY、PDCA, were shared in the previous two issues. This issue further introduces the well-known fish bone map analysis method and believes that it will be widely used in the subsequent improvement work.

Through fierce competition, the project of “K5 appearance upgrade cancel scraping point improvement” from Jinpeng new energy industry platform and “EC01 model defrosting and fogging function failure improvement” project of Jemmell new energy won the third prize.

Jinpeng new energy industry platform “K9 door closing force promotion special improvement” and the electric tricycle industry platform “stamping waste utilization and automation” project won the second prize.

Finally, the “automatic technical innovation of shearing machine” project from the electric tricycle industry platform won the first prize.

Chief Executive Officer Liu Zhipei pointed out in his concluding remarks: the electric tricycle industry platform this project published has a good level overall, the report layout basically follows the standard layout, the report logic is clear, good PPT can help to publish, let everybody understand the project essence deeply, and explain the whole process and result clearly;

For later QCC work, President Liu Zhipei stressed:

  1. QCC results to form a solid template, and with the application of continuous optimization;
  2. The first 10 projects must be reported in accordance with the unified format, gradually standardize the reporting logic;
  3. The report can add the video appropriately, can express the improvement effect more intuitively.

QCC improvement results are important, but more importantly, through QCC activities, let everyone master the working methods, skilled use of improvement tools, further promote the full staff spontaneous improvement activities.

Through excellent results published, exchange effective quality improvement methods, further promote mass quality improvement innovation activities flourish!