JINPENG low-speed vehicle technology research and development project passed acceptance and achievement evaluation

On May 19, the group technology service sharing platform, Xuzhou Science and Technology Bureau, Jiawang District Branch
Technical Bureau, China University of Mining and Technology, Jiangsu Normal University, Xuzhou Institute of Technology, etc.
The organization expert group came to our company to pay attention to the key enterprise achievements undertaken by Jinzhi company
The transformation project “Urban logistics electric vehicle and key technology research and development and industrialization” progressed
Acceptance and performance evaluation were conducted, and reports were heard on site, reviewed data, and financial
Audits, inquiries and discussions, and production site inspections. The expert group believes that the project is not only
Completed the task indicators specified in the contract, and developed a new generation of urban logistics power
The requirements for the use of motor vehicles have achieved good social and economic benefits, and unanimously agreed
pass the inspection.

The project successfully passed the acceptance and achievement evaluation, which not only improved Jinzhi company
The product competitiveness of logistics electric vehicles and the competitive advantage of the entire industry chain are more standard
Zhizhe Jinzhi company has achieved a new level of research and development capabilities in multiple fields and multiple ranges
Steps provide basic guarantee for Jinpeng Group’s market development and user expansion.
Contributed to new economic growth for the group company to achieve the goal of comprehensively deepening reform