Jinpeng New Energy “Public order of Jiawang” car delivery ceremony a complete success

On July 20, the “Public order of Jiawang grid construction official vehicle collection and delivery ceremony was held in Jiawang District, Xuzhou City. Zhao Zhigang, member of the Standing Committee of the Jiawang District Committee and Secretary of the Political and Legal Committee, and other relevant leaders, and Jinpeng New Energy Platform Li Chuanjiang and other business representatives gathered here to participate in the grand event!

Secretary Zhao pointed out: “The launch of Ping An Jiawang’s grid-based construction of official vehicles is a promotion and promotion of Ping An construction and network work, and will further drive more cadres and people in the district to actively participate in Ping An Jia Wanghe. In the work of networked social governance, the people’s sense of security and well-being will be further enhanced.


Subsequently, Li Chuanjiang, the owner of the Jinpeng New Energy Industry Platform, took the stage to give a speech. He expressed his gratitude to the district government for the recognition of Jinpeng New Energy and said that Jinpeng New Energy will continue to strictly control quality and provide 24-hour after-sales service guarantee. Contribute to the construction of Ping An Jia Wang.

In September 2021, the national standard for mini-low-speed pure electric passenger vehicles will be officially introduced. This car awarding ceremony confirmed that new energy vehicles will gradually participate in government actions in the future, and the macro trend is also driving the efficient, rapid and healthy development of the new energy industry. Jinpeng New Energy will continue to invest in product and technology research and development to provide more comfortable and safe travel tools for tens of thousands of families, and help the long-term development of my country’s new energy industry!