Jinpeng nucleic acid collection electric vehicle

In order to better cooperate with the epidemic prevention and control and improve the efficiency of nucleic acid detection, Jinpeng launched the fourth-generation nucleic acid sampling vehicle, which has been received by the official “Xuzhou Daily”, “Huaibei Daily”, “City Morning News”, Hanfenghao and other officials since its launch. media reports. Up to now, it has been fully put into use in Jiawang District People’s Hospital of Xuzhou City, Daquan Hospital, Xiaqiao Community Health Service Center, Dawu Central Health Center, Fengxian People’s Hospital, and Duji District of Huaibei City.

It is understood that the fourth-generation nucleic acid sampling vehicle launched by Jinpeng Group’s Micro Four product line was designed and built after in-depth communication between Jinpeng’s R&D personnel and nucleic acid testing related staff. Small and flexible, with good protection performance, it is not only a powerful tool for on-site sampling, but also serves as a temporary nucleic acid detection and vaccination site when needed. The Jinpeng nucleic acid sampling vehicle has the advantages of being fast, convenient and stop-and-go, which can significantly reduce the cost of nucleic acid testing and vaccination. It is another excellent work of Jinpeng to demonstrate its corporate strength and corporate responsibility.

The nucleic acid sampling vehicle is equipped with a unified logo. The cab and the testing warehouse are connected, and there is no need to leave the warehouse for testing; the four sides are clean and transparent tempered glass windows, and the main sampling station is equipped with personalized medical long-arm acid and alkali resistant latex gloves and ultraviolet sterilization transfer windows. , awning, isolated medical waste and waste delivery port, sampling test tube take-out port, and also equipped with automatic temperature measurement, voice intercom, and manual registration station. It integrates various capabilities such as verification integration, temperature control, video monitoring, etc., and equipment such as heating and cooling air conditioners, positive pressure fresh air systems, vehicle incubators, and ultraviolet sterilization lamps are readily available.