Jinpeng (Season 3) Cycling Festival and Harvest Festival

The high-profile Jinpeng (Season 3) Cycling Festival and Harvest Festival opened in the magnificent Changbai Mountain.It consists of two parts: online live broadcast conference and offline cycling challenge. The difference between this cycling festival and the past is that as the third season cycling festival jointly held by the electric vehicle industry and the Chinese Peasants’ Harvest Music Festival for the first time, it is the first time for the electric tricycle industry to combine the first cycling festival with the music festival, providing an unparalleled visual and listening feast for the global audience.

It winds up along the winding mountain road for about 30 kilometers, with steep roads and many turns. It is also an extreme challenge for Jinpeng Jinding series products. After more than an hour of circling and climbing, around 3:40 p.m., the Jinpeng Xinba motorcade arrived at the north gate of Changbai Mountain with cheers.

Although the exciting riding activities are still far from complete, the harvest celebration music festival has quietly started. With the earth as the stage and the golden autumn harvest as the background, everyone is singing and dancing, so that the beating notes float in the harvest fields!

Jinpeng has an inexplicable origin with the Chinese Farmers’ Harvest Festival. The electric tricycle is the main short distance travel tool in rural areas and a good helper for field work. With its excellent quality and continuous technological upgrading over the years, Jinpeng electric tricycle has entered thousands of households. “Buy a good car and choose Jinpeng” has become the consensus of everyone.

As a tricycle expert and leader, Jinpeng has the responsibility and obligation to constantly promote technological innovation and service upgrading in the industry, lead the industry to a healthy and sustainable development, and promote industry reform.