Jinpeng sold more than 300,000 vehicles in the first quarter of 2021

Living up to expectations, Jinpeng, the world record winner of WRCA’s “World’s Most Selling Electric Tricycle Brand”, handed in a beautiful answer sheet at the beginning of April: the sales volume of electric three-wheelers exceeded 300,000 in the first quarter, setting a new record high.

Think carefully and fear. 300,000 units, which is equivalent to the annual sales volume of the second place in China’s electric tricycle industry. This means that Jinpeng only used “one quarter” to defeat all competitors, and the next three quarters will be “one person’s battle.” “.

Industry insiders said that due to multiple factors such as the Spring Festival holiday, epidemic prevention and control, it can grow against the trend in the traditional off-season of the electric tricycle industry, with sales of over 300,000 vehicles. This excellent result is really eye-catching, and it once again confirms the industry trend of “the industry reshuffle is accelerating, and the market share is further concentrated to the top brands”, indicating that Jinpeng “the electric tricycle market has one-third of the world.” The ambitious goal of is steadily approaching.

As an original short-distance transportation and short-distance transportation vehicle in China, electric tricycles have experienced more than ten years of “wind-opening period”. Since 2015, the total market has gradually stabilized and declined slightly. According to authoritative statistics, the market capacity of Power III in 2019 is about 9 million vehicles.

“The sales volume in the first quarter exceeded 300,000 vehicles, breaking the industry record. This is not just a simple number. Behind the numbers are Jinpeng’s strength, courage and confidence.’One-third of the world has one of the world’ is becoming Jinpeng’s reality.” Bai Shaolei Say.