Jinpeng special vehicle responds to the “6.18” online sales festival with full firepower!

“On June 18, the e-commerce industry was second only to the “Double 11 National Carnival Online Shopping Festival” at the end of the year. Since the beginning of this year, the national express delivery business volume has continued to rise. As of May 31, the national express delivery business volume exceeded the 39.65 billion mark. “The arrival of the 6.18 online shopping carnival has undoubtedly brought great challenges to the express delivery industry.

As a higher-quality terminal transportation service provider, Jinpeng Special Vehicle has always been committed to providing a more environmentally friendly, higher-quality, and more convenient terminal transportation logistics express vehicle, and insists on serving the “last mile”. In order to ensure the timeliness of order delivery, so that the courier brother can use the desired express car as soon as possible. All the colleagues in Jinpeng special vehicle are united and united to devote themselves to the intense preparations.

A batch of special logistics express vehicles that have passed strict quality inspections have been successfully rolled off the assembly line, and they are scattered in every corner of the special vehicles. The departure yard of the Jinpeng special vehicle is constantly busy, and it is not at all lost to the production workshop. All the employees work together to wash, load and start the car in one go, and all employees enter a “combat state.”

Facing the “6.18”, terminal sales soared rapidly, and the market continued to rise. The clarion call for the charge has been successfully sounded, and the market situation is very good. Grasp production, busy delivery, lead the industry, and hot terminals. Jinpeng special vehicles will be “a more professional terminal.” Transport service providers do better!