Jinpeng Tianjin Recreational Vehicle Jinghai’s new plant was officially put into production!

On July 30, 2020, Jinpeng Tianjin Recreational Vehicle Jinghai’s new plant was officially put into production! Lu Shouguang, Chairman of Jinpeng Group, attended the launch ceremony of the first car and clearly put forward the production and sales plan of Jinpeng Urban Recreational Vehicle “500,000 in 3 years”!

Deputy Secretary Dong Bingjun of the Party Committee of Tianjin Ziya Economic Development Zone and relevant leaders of the industrial park also came to the event. Deputy Secretary Dong Bingjun expressed his welcome and blessings to Jinpeng in his speech and hoped that Jinpeng could fully integrate Tianjin’s industrial resources and quickly Achieve new breakthroughs in production and sales volume.

Since the establishment of Jinpeng’s factory in Beichen District, Tianjin in 2017, the sales of urban recreational vehicles have doubled every year. The total scale of the new Jinghai factory officially put into operation today has reached 210 acres, and its maximum annual production capacity will reach 1 million units. /year.

Jinpeng Group has established 12 major vehicle production bases across the country. The official commissioning of the new leisure factory in Tianjin means that Jinpeng’s “full-category” strategy has basically completed its national production base layout!

It is reported that the daily production capacity of the first phase of the coating workshop of the new factory has exceeded 800 units, and it is divided into two parts, the plastic part line and the iron part line. Among them, the plastic parts line uses the Swiss imported Golden Horse brand spray gun and reciprocating machine automatic spraying. The paint uses weather-resistant two-component paint, and the spraying efficiency far exceeds that of the peers. The iron parts line is divided into pretreatment, electrophoresis, and spraying. The pretreatment adopts four-in-one leaching solution to meet national safety standards. Electrophoresis paint and spray paint are all internationally renowned brands.

The commissioning of Jinpeng’s new leisure plant in Tianjin, let us see Jinpeng’s advanced layout for the recreational vehicle category, and also let us see that Jinpeng attaches great importance to the recreational vehicle category-a huge single recreational vehicle factory scale , Industry-leading production technology and brand-new terminal brand design, all means that the Jinpeng recreational vehicle category will be a new strategic unit of Jinpeng to meet the challenges of the market!