Jinpeng will recreate a new legend ​

Dunhuang, a thousand-year-old city with a history of more than 2,100 years, is the “throat key” of the ancient Silk Road and a gathering place of Chinese and Western economies and cultures. Nowadays, the new Dunhuang, which is positioned as “the temple of culture, Dunhuang of mankind”, is making great strides forward with a firmer, more confident, open and inclusive attitude under the background of the “One Belt One Road” in the new era, giving Dunhuang a new lease of life. Vigorous.

From June 28th to 29th, Jinpeng Group Chairman Lu Shouguang, Vice President Liu Jing, Vice President and Electric Tricycle Industry Platform Zhijian and other executives gathered in Dunhuang with more than 600 business partners of Jinpeng Group to attend the Industry Platform Year. The mid-year review meeting for the production and sales of 4 million vehicles. At the meeting, the people of Jinpeng made bold words: The third electric power target is 4 million vehicles in 2025, and the second electric power company is in the top three in the industry!

Lu Shouguang emphasized in his speech that Jinpeng should be a technology-based enterprise and make products more valuable. He said that with an annual production and sales of 4 million vehicles, Jinpeng has already been prepared in terms of technology. As a set of revolutionary technology independently developed by Jinpeng, the “Golden Power” system adopts the design concept of mechatronics, integrating the core components such as the motor, controller, and reducer, so that the whole vehicle has a “heavy load, Compared with similar products in the industry, it has the performance advantages of “high power, running far” and other performance advantages. It has truly achieved the technical indicators of “same road section, more than half”.

In the future, Jinpeng will be a super-large group company integrating high-speed new energy vehicles, low-speed new energy vehicles, electric tricycles, electric two-wheelers, special vehicles and related supporting facilities.