Over 1,500 square meters Jinpeng Group’s largest full-category flagship store in China opened in Xiayi County, Henan Province

In June, representatives from all walks of life in Xiayi County gathered together. Lu Shouguang, Chairman of the Jinpeng Group, Li Chuanjiang, the leader of the electric tertiary industry platform, Li Chuanjiang, the owner of the new energy industry platform, Chen Liuzhu, chairman of the Xiayi County Federation of Industry and Commerce, Henan Province, Xiayi dealer Guo Yanping, and more than 300 people in Xiayi Participate in the opening ceremony.

It is reported that the Xiayi Jinpeng flagship store, which took nearly three months to complete, is the country’s largest comprehensive flagship store of all categories, with a total area of ​​over 1,500 square meters and a signboard as long as 68 meters. In the store, electric tricycles, electric two-wheelers, leisure tricycles, low-speed new energy vehicles, and Lingbao high-speed new energy vehicles are all available to fully meet the different travel needs of the people in Xiayi. The flagship store has functional areas such as indoor and outdoor image areas, product display areas, technology display areas, and user rest areas.

At the opening ceremony, Lu Shouguang, Chairman of Jinpeng Group, pointed out that Jinpeng Group currently has 13 production bases in the country, with a production capacity of 4 million units, and exports to more than 50 countries and regions around the world. There are more than 20,000 sales outlets and more than 1,500 users. Ten thousand families. All the achievements have benefited from the full support of partners like Mr. Guo, who have insisted on “breathing and sharing the same destiny” with Jinpeng Group. Guo is always an old friend of Jinying, and is also Jinpeng’s highest quality channel dealer. Mr. Guo has been deeply plowing the Xiayi market and has continuously made the Jinpeng Group brand bigger and stronger. “Buy a good car and choose Jinpeng” has become the consensus of the people in Xiayi.

Chen Liuzhu, chairman of Henan Xiayi Federation of Industry and Commerce, delivered a speech.Chairman Chen pointed out that the grand opening of the new Xiayi Jinpeng flagship store marks the addition of a world brand store on the fertile soil of Xiayi, which is a green travel for the people of Xia. More high-quality options. Jinpeng is the world’s largest manufacturer of electric tricycles. It is a resounding business card for China’s electric vehicle industry and a rising star for China’s new energy vehicles.Zhixiu has made great contributions to China’s rural revitalization and green travel. And Jinpeng is also an outstanding representative of Xiayi’s many excellent brands, and is a good helper for the people of Xiayi to get rich and work in the field.

After completion, the Jinpeng comprehensive flagship store will provide consumers with a more professional, caring and convenient service experience with a more fashionable, younger, international and capable image. At the same time, the completion and landing of Xiayi Super Store is also an important strategic measure to promote the rapid implementation of Jinpeng’s image upgrade, marking Jinpeng’s brand building and terminal image building to a new high, setting a new record for the industry.