Pre-sale of 30,000 units! Jinpeng electric scooter core market Merchants Association has achieved outstanding results

From May 14th to 20th, the All-Korean Electric Vehicle Investment Promotion Conference of Sulu into the core market of Anhui and Rongong with the theme of “Set Sail to Yuan” was successfully held. More than 500 new and old customers gathered together. A total of nearly 30,000 orders were obtained in May, setting a new monthly order high in the core market.

As one of the group’s strategic industries, Quanyuan Electric Vehicles has two production bases in Wuxi and Tianjin after seven years of development and expansion, with an annual production capacity of over 1 million vehicles. The products cover sports, functional, and tortoise models. , National standard models, Founder models five series.

It is worth mentioning that, relying on the three categories of electricity, Quanxi has an absolute advantage in the township market from Sulu to Wanyao, whether it is brand influence, number of outlets, or user reputation. “This is also the main reason why the first battle was placed on Sulu and Huanghuang. Facts have also proved that our strategy is forward-looking and effective.” Li Wei said.