Big news|Jinpeng became the first official sponsor of the new energy vehicle in the World Women’s Volleyball League Finals

Jinpeng became the first official sponsor of the new energy vehicle in the World Women’s Volleyball League Finals
From June 27th to July 1st, the 2018 World Women’s Volleyball League Finals will be officially opened at the Nanjing Olympic Sports Center. The six national teams from China, the Netherlands, Brazil, the United States, Serbia and Turkey will jointly stage the peak matchup. Kingbon New Energy Vehicle will be the official sponsor of this year’s World Women’s Volleyball Finals in the international arena.

It is understood that this is the first time that the new energy automobile brand has become the official sponsor of the World Women’s Volleyball League.

Industry insiders said that Jinpeng’s move unleashed the company’s determination to become stronger and bigger and new energy auto industry and to signal internationalization. This is also after Jinpeng boarded the New York Times Square in the United States, once again representing the Chinese electric car industry on the international stage.

As the official sponsor of the 2018 World Women’s Volleyball League Finals, Jinpeng’s figure will appear in the live LED screen, press conference background board, media interview board, player channel enclosure and other eye-catching positions, and broadcast live through the Internet and TV. Go abroad and go to the world. In addition, the future online and offline activities of Jinpeng New Energy will also authorize the use of all the materials such as logos, graphics, audio and video in the 2018 World Women’s Volleyball League Finals to help Jinpeng enhance its brand awareness and reputation.

The World Women’s Volleyball League is a new launch of the FIVB. The predecessor was the World Women’s Volleyball Grand Prix that began in 1993. The new World Women’s Volleyball League has reformed the competition system. It has been changed from three sub-station + finals of the Grand Prix to five sub-station + finals. The team has also expanded to 16 of the previous 12, including 12 Core team and 4 challenge teams. It is understood that this event is the last comprehensive contest between the world’s top teams before the World Championships this year.

As the core team, the Chinese team will send the strongest lineup in the country. It will not be an accident. It will also be the World Championship team: Zhu Ting, Liu Xiaotong, Li Yingying, Deputy Li Yan, Yuan Xinyi, Wang Yuanyuan, Hu Mingyuan, Setter Ding Xia, Yan Linyu, and Zeng Chunlei, Gong Xiangyu, Yang Fangxu, freelance Lin Li and Wang Mengjie.

In 2018, Jinpeng New Energy Automobile not only has a good sales volume, but also has a total sales volume of 30,000 vehicles in January-June. The single product ranks first in the industry and continues to operate in brand promotion. The above-mentioned insiders said that Jinpeng’s “squid effect” will improve the quality of the industry and the brand “both hands and hard work” to promote the high-quality development of the new energy automobile industry.