The first complete vehicle of Guoji Commercial Vehicle Elephant Series

The first complete vehicle of Guoji Commercial Vehicle Elephant Series was officially mass produced in the Jimai Factory of Xuzhou Headquarters. Company leaders such as Mr. Lu Shouguang, Chairman of Jinpeng Group, Ms. Liu Jing, Vice President of Jinpeng Group’s Procurement Platform, Mr. Wang Haichong, General Manager of Guoji Commercial Vehicle, Mr. Li Zhigang, Marketing Director of Guoji Commercial Vehicle, and Mr. Chen Zhen, Director of Guoji Commercial Vehicle Product Line attended the meeting.

Over the past 18 years, Jinpeng Group has taken solving the problem of national travel as its own responsibility, based on the field of new energy vehicles, kept improving and polishing high-quality products, and improved the ecology of national medium and short distance travel.

As the first product of Guoji commercial vehicle, Elephant is full of sincerity. The whole series of models are fully developing, combining popular elements with cutting-edge technology. In terms of interior decoration, Guoji Elephant is also more passenger oriented. LCD instruments, large multimedia screens, reversing images, wireless Bluetooth and other functions are also available, comfortable and practical. In terms of loading, Guoji Elephant adopts a 3T chassis platform architecture with a cargo box volume of up to 7m?, It has a loading capacity 20% higher than that of products of the same level, which can meet 90% of urban distribution scenarios, and will become the main force of inter station freight transport.

Guoji Elephant has two vehicle series, namely G30 and G40, with a total of 18 configuration models. The product plan covers micro truck, light truck, micro faceplate, pickup truck and other series models. Combining the characteristics of postal, express, e-commerce, urban distribution and other market segments, it provides a full life cycle solution