The Intellectual Property Protection Workstation of Xuzhou Public Security Bureau was established!

On June 10th, the first IPR protection workstation of the Municipal Public Security Bureau in Jiawang District was officially listed at the headquarters of Jinpeng Group. The government will provide enterprises with one-stop services such as confirmation, use, management and protection of intellectual property rights, becoming Xuzhou City The Public Security Bureau is an effective hub for liaison between government and enterprises, promotes the docking of innovation resources, and better exerts its “innovation-driven” role.

The Group’s technology service sharing platform actively cooperates with the government to continuously increase intellectual property protection, strengthen corporate intellectual property protection awareness, create a first-class business environment, and government service enterprises are another move to improve quality, transform, and develop innovatively.

Promote the development of the industry. The establishment of the intellectual property protection workstation is a significant contribution to the industrial development of Jinpeng Group
Will play a good role in promoting
1. It is conducive to making full use of the professional advantages of third parties to provide assistance to enterprises, making it more convenient for enterprises to safeguard their rights and ensuring their legitimate rights and interests in a timely manner.
Second, it is conducive to improving the comprehensive service level of intellectual property rights, opening up the linkage mechanism of intellectual property protection and efficient cooperation with related industries, giving full play to the advantages of Xuzhou Industrial Park, and enhancing the ability of Xuzhou’s industries to cope with international and domestic competition.
3. It is conducive to the economic investigation detachment of the Xuzhou Public Security Bureau to provide clues to the case, combat illegality, protect lawfulness, and purify the enterprise and market environment.


Chen Zhen and Liu Zhongliang of the Economic Investigation Detachment of the Xuzhou Public Security Bureau pointed out: Jinpeng Group needs to enhance the enterprise’s intellectual property awareness. We must protect ourselves from infringement. On the other hand, we must not infringe others. We must increase our awareness of intellectual property protection. . Pay attention to the creation, registration application and protection of patents, trademarks, copyrights, and technical secrets in foreign trade and domestic processes. Gradually enhance the company’s learning ability and knowledge strength, and grasp the basic research and the development and control of core patents.