The investigation team of Shanghai Express Industry Association visited Jinpeng Special Vehicle

On May 19th, Zhou Degang, President of Shanghai Express Industry Association, led the main members of the team to visit Jinpeng Group to carry out business inspection activities. The main members of the inspection team who visited together were the Secretary-General of the Association Gao Zhenhai, the Supervisor of the Association Shi Renliang, the head of Yuantong Procurement, Senior manager of Debon, head of Shentong Jiangsu and other relevant leaders. Jinpeng Group Vice Chairman Liu Zhipei, Jinpeng Special Purpose Vehicle General Manager Zhu Yao, Jinpeng Special Purpose Vehicle Marketing Director Kong Lingqi, and Jinpeng Special Purpose Vehicle Operation Director Zhu Ankui attended the business matchmaking meeting.

At the meeting, Liu Zhipei, vice chairman of Jinpeng Group, firstly welcomed the visit of Shanghai Express Industry Association, and introduced the development history of Jinpeng and Jinpeng Special Vehicle as a professional terminal transportation service provider in the industry. Special vehicle products have won unanimous praise from customers, and Jinpeng is also constantly moving forward, leading the way, and has always been committed to the forefront of the industry for product research and development.

Zhou Degang, president of the Shanghai Express Industry Association, said frankly that he has always paid special attention to the steady development of Jinpeng Group. Jinpeng, as a leading enterprise in the field of special vehicles in the country, has products involving express vehicles, sanitation vehicles, fire trucks, police vehicles, and refrigerators. Multi-category products such as chain vehicles are widely acclaimed in the market segments. This is the external manifestation of Jinpeng special vehicles’ focus on professionalism!

Next, Minister Zhao Jie of the Jinpeng Special Purpose Vehicle product line has an opinion on the strength of Jinpeng Special Purpose Vehicle and
Smart logistics express vehicles, sanitation vehicles, fire trucks, police vehicles, cold chain vehicles, etc.
Product categories are introduced in detail. At the meeting, the participants of the Jinpeng Group listened carefully to the work exchanges of many leaders of the Shanghai Express Industry Association on the cooperation of logistics express special vehicles, and put forward measures to deal with local local policies and regulations and possible problems in Shanghai.

The visit of the Shanghai Express Industry Association inspection team has inspired the confidence and determination of Jinpeng Special Vehicles to adhere to “focus, professionalism, and specialization”. In the future, Jinpeng Special Vehicles will continue to strive to improve the development of intelligence and innovation, and continue to promote products Upgrade, condense the power of the hearts of the people, the great tool for shaping the Jinpeng special vehicle!