We are all chariots

In order to actively assume social responsibility and respond to the China Express Association’s activities to help Wuhan express companies resume work and resume production, on April 25, Jinpeng Group donated express-specific electric tricycles worth nearly 100,000 yuan to Wuhan. This is another vehicle donation after Jinpeng Group donated money and materials to all walks of life during the anti-epidemic period.

With the control of the epidemic in Wuhan, China, more than 4,500 business outlets in the express delivery industry in Wuhan have fully resumed work, and the volume of logistics has doubled. Information from the Market Supervision Department of the State Post Bureau shows that the country’s daily express delivery volume exceeds 200 million, basically returning to the normal level before the epidemic. According to statistics from the Wuhan Post Administration, the daily delivery volume of the city’s delivery business has stabilized at around 2.9 million pieces, reaching more than 90% in the same period last year, while the daily delivery volume exceeded 3 million, which was the same period last year. 147%, an increase of nearly 50%.

The difficulty of delivery in the “last mile” of the express delivery industry in Wuhan affects the hearts of all Jinpeng people. After learning about the situation, Jinpeng Group established a special donation work promotion team at the end of March, and contacted the Wuhan Express Association with the China Express Association to actively donate special express vehicles to Wuhan. The vehicles were sent out on April 25 and officially arrived in Wuhan for delivery on April 27.

As a leading company in express delivery special electric tricycles, Jinpeng Group has been committed to making positive contributions to logistics “last mile” distribution. As early as 2013, Jinpeng became one of the three drafting units of the “Postal Industry Standard of the People’s Republic of China—Technical Requirements for Express Electric Tricycles” by virtue of its extensive industry influence, providing for the promotion of the standardized development of express logistics vehicles in China An important reference.

In recent years, more and more express companies have carried out in-depth cooperation with Jinpeng. The customers of Jinpeng express special vehicles have spread to China Post, SF Express, JD.com, Zhongtong, YTO, Shentong, Yunda, Suning, Debang, Home Express, etc. Logistics companies have provided more than 500,000 standardized express tricycles for Chinese express companies and Chinese express couriers, which are widely loved and trusted by couriers.

Now, Jinpeng has made the impossible possible, and directly connects to the “last mile” of logistics. To pay tribute to Hero City, warm and extraordinary people, Jinpeng Group contributes its own strength to help Wuhan Express Co., Ltd. overcome the epidemic!