Won the Xuzhou Patent Gold Award

This honor fully affirms the leading level of Jinpeng Group in terms of technology originality and intellectual property, and promotes the enterprise to further improve the management level of intellectual property protection, innovation capability, R&D investment, and product quality, and plays a leading role in demonstration.
Since its establishment, Jinpeng Group has attached great importance to technological innovation and patent protection. The investment in patents has been increased year by year, and saturated research and development investment has been carried out. It has authorized nearly 500 patents of various types, including 40 invention patents. And independently mastered the motor, electronic control, chassis, shock absorption, rear axle, integrated control and other components and the core technology of the vehicle; a number of patented technologies were pioneered by Jinpeng, leading the development of the industry, filling the gap in the industry, and in In the technical appraisal at the provincial and ministerial level, it was rated as the “domestic leading” level.