Xu Hai College of China University of Mining and Technology visited and studied

With the in-depth development of school-enterprise cooperation, it has further allowed students to understand the actual production of high-quality enterprises. Two groups of sophomores from Xuhai College of China University of Mining and Technology visited Jimai New Energy Factory on July 12 and 13. The manufacturing center gave a comprehensive reception to the visit and gave a detailed introduction to Jinpeng Group and Jimai New Energy. The introduction includes Jinpeng Group’s development history, R&D strength, advanced technology level, market position, future development strategy, and safety precautions for visitors.

When visiting the Jimai New Energy Vehicle Test Center, the students visited key process workshops such as stamping, welding, painting, and final assembly in turn. During the whole visit, the explanation leaders of each workshop patiently introduced the key processes and production processes, and professionally answered the questions raised by the students. The students became more aware of the importance of the close integration of theory and practice.

During this visit, the students were deeply moved. The automobile OEM is known as the industry in the industry. The entire automobile contains tens of thousands of parts. The design and production of any part needs to be carried out in accordance with extremely high standards and precision requirements. The problem of a certain part may have a great impact on the vehicle, and it will also cause a waste of manpower and material resources, so lean production and sense of responsibility are so important.

At the end of the visit, the instructor and students expressed their gratitude to Jimai New Energy for its warm reception and patient explanation, and also felt the investment and support of Jinpeng Group in talent training, and expressed their look forward to in-depth cooperation with Jimai New Energy.