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JINPENG TG: Redefining Urban Mobility with Electric Passenger Tricycles

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JINPENG TG: Redefining Urban Mobility with Electric Passenger Tricycles

In the realm of urban transportation, JINPENG TG emerges as a game-changer, redefining the landscape of E tricycles. With an unwavering commitment to innovation, comfort, and sustainability, the TG stands as a beacon of progress, promising a new era of urban mobility.


Introducing JINPENG TG - Elevating Electric Passenger Tricycles

The JINPENG TG is not merely a mode of transportation; it's a testament to design excellence and functional innovation. From its precise dimensions (2165×1105×1605mm) to its impressive range of features, every aspect of the TG showcases JINPENG's dedication to reshaping urban travel.

Power, Performance, and Precision

Efficiency Meets Power: The heart of the TG lies in its robust 60V 1000W electric motor. This powerhouse of energy not only propels the tricycle with impressive speed but also contributes to JINPENG's mission of promoting environmentally-conscious travel by producing zero emissions.

Safety and Stability: The TG's hydraulic shock absorption system ensures a smooth and comfortable ride, irrespective of the road conditions. Paired with a steel suspension at the rear, the tricycle guarantees safety and stability for both passengers and drivers.

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Design for Comfort and Convenience

Spacious Interiors: With a body structure featuring 2 doors and 3 seats, the TG is designed to offer spacious comfort without compromising on style. Passengers can embark on journeys knowing that they are in the lap of comfort.

Efficiency Redefined: The TG is not just a means of transport; it's a solution that blends efficiency and convenience. With a driving mileage of 50 km at efficient speed, this tricycle is perfectly suited for various urban commuting needs.


JINPENG TG isn't just an electric passenger tricycle; it's a statement of innovation and commitment. It embodies a harmonious fusion of power, comfort, and practicality, redefining urban travel one journey at a time.

As cities evolve, so does the need for sustainable and efficient transportation solutions. The TG stands as a testament to JINPENG's dedication to pioneering these solutions. It's not just a tricycle; it's a representation of progress, where innovation meets comfort to create a future of urban mobility.

In the landscape of electric passenger tricycles, JINPENG TG rises above the rest, encapsulating speed, safety, and comfort in one cohesive package. Embark on journeys that redefine your perception of urban travel with JINPENG TG, where innovation meets comfort, and the future of urban mobility is transformed.

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