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The company mainly produces electric tricycles, suitable for people's traffic riding, transport loading, entertainment and other functions. It is the most complete product category, the most abundant product models of enterprises, to fully meet the various needs of different consumer groups. At present, the company owns more than 500 patented technologies, and possesses provincial-level technical research centers and testing centers officially listed in Jiangsu Province.
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The four major processes for electric vehicles are stamping, welding, painting, and final assembly.


Punching is the process of shaping metal sheets into desired forms using a press machine. It involves cutting, bending, and shaping the metal sheets to create various components of the vehicle, such as body panels and structural parts.


Welding is the process of joining metal parts together using heat and pressure. In electric vehicle manufacturing, welding is used to assemble the body structure, chassis, and other components. Different welding techniques, such as spot welding and laser welding, are employed to ensure strong and reliable connections.


Painting is the process of applying a protective and decorative coating to the vehicle's body. It involves several steps, including surface preparation, primer application, basecoat application, and clearcoat application. The painting process enhances the vehicle's appearance and provides protection against corrosion and environmental elements.

Final Assembly

Final assembly is the stage where all the components and subsystems of the electric vehicle are integrated and assembled into the final product. This includes installing the powertrain, electrical systems, interior components, and exterior features. The final assembly process ensures that all the parts work together seamlessly to create a fully functional electric vehicle.
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