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Embrace Efficiency and Innovation with JINPENG Electric Tricycles: The Ideal Solution for Sustainable Urban Mobility

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Embrace Efficiency and Innovation with JINPENG Electric Tricycles: The Ideal Solution for Sustainable Urban Mobility

As the world marches towards a greener future, JINPENG electric tricycles emerge as a beacon of sustainable urban mobility. Established in 2004, JINPENG's legacy in electric tricycle manufacturing is defined by innovation, quality, and dedication to the evolution of transportation. Specializing in the research, development, production, and sales of various electric tricycles, JINPENG offers a diverse range of products, including electric passenger tricycles, electric cargo tricycles. This article delves into the remarkable features and benefits of JINPENG electric tricycles, underscoring their role in shaping a cleaner and more efficient urban landscape. Now, let us explore how the tricycle TG stand out as a shooting star.


Unveiling the Technical Marvel of TG

The JINPENG electric tricycle boasts an array of features that redefine urban commuting. With dimensions measuring 2165mm in length, 1105mm in width, and 1605mm in height, these tricycles strike the perfect balance between compactness and comfort. A wheel base of 1535mm and a wheel track of 885mm ensure stability and agility, even in tight city spaces. With a minimum ground clearance of 190mm and a minimum turning radius of 3 meters, maneuverability is at the forefront of the design, allowing effortless navigation through urban landscapes.

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Empowering Sustainable Mobility

At the heart of JINPENG electric tricycles lies their commitment to sustainability. With a lead-acid battery rated at 60V and 45-52AH, these tricycles offer a driving mileage of up to 50 kilometers at efficient speeds, making them an ideal choice for short urban trips. The 60V 1000W motor, combined with efficient electric power control, ensures a smooth and reliable performance, enabling maximum speeds of up to 23 km/h. The inclusion of front hydraulic shock absorbers and rear steel suspension guarantees a comfortable and controlled ride, even on uneven surfaces.

Redefining Urban Travel

JINPENG electric tricycles are more than tricycles; they are transformative solutions for urban living. With a body structure comprising two doors and three seats, these tricycles prioritize passenger convenience and accessibility. The 3.50-10 tubeless tires paired with iron rims enhance stability and reduce maintenance efforts. The maximum slope of climb of 14% ensures these tricycles conquer urban inclines with ease. With a curb weight of 252kg, JINPENG electric tricycles strike the perfect balance between efficiency and sturdiness.


As the world seeks smarter, cleaner, and more efficient transportation solutions, JINPENG electric tricycles stand at the forefront of innovation. The legacy of JINPENG, established in 2004, underscores the dedication to progress and sustainability. From their technical specifications to their design considerations, JINPENG electric tricycles are a testament to our commitment to revolutionize urban mobility.

Investing in JINPENG electric tricycles means embracing a future where efficiency and sustainability harmonize seamlessly. These tricycles redefine how we navigate our cities, presenting a vision of cleaner air, reduced congestion, and enhanced convenience. As urban landscapes transform, JINPENG electric tricycles will continue to play a pivotal role, shaping a new era of transportation where innovation meets sustainability. Choose us for a greener, smarter, and more connected urban future.

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