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Revolutionizing Urban Logistics with JINPENG's TL150 Cargo Electric Tricycle

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Revolutionizing Urban Logistics with JINPENG's TL150 Cargo Electric Tricycle

In the bustling streets of modern cities, where efficiency and sustainability are paramount, JINPENG's TL150 cargo electric tricycle stands tall as a game-changer. At JINPENG, we take pride in being at the forefront of innovation, and our TL150 is a testament to our commitment to providing versatile and eco-friendly solutions for urban freight and short-haul logistics.

TL150: A Versatile Urban Workhorse

The TL150, bearing the JINPENG signature, is a marvel of engineering and design. As the global leader in electric tricycles, we understand the evolving needs of urban logistics. That's why we crafted the TL150 to be a versatile workhorse, capable of seamlessly navigating the labyrinthine city streets while carrying hefty loads.

With compact dimensions of 2900mm x 1130mm x 1325mm and a cargo box measuring 1500mm x 1050mm x 300mm, the TL150 effortlessly weaves through traffic and tight spots. Its 1980mm wheelbase and 870mm wheel track provide stability and maneuverability, ensuring swift deliveries even in congested urban environments.

Efficiency Redefined

When you choose the TL150, you're embracing efficiency like never before. Its remarkable turning radius of less than 4 meters allows you to negotiate tight corners and narrow alleys with ease, saving precious time on your delivery routes.

But that's not all; the TL150 is designed to carry the urban load. With a curb weight of just 200kg and a robust frame, it can handle a rated load of 200kg, making it the ideal choice for transporting goods, parcels, and more. Whether you're a local delivery service, a courier company, or a business dealing with urban logistics, the TL150 is your dependable partner.

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Eco-Friendly and Sustainable

JINPENG is committed to sustainability, and the TL150 reflects that commitment. Powered by a 60V battery with options ranging from 45AH to 58AH, it's not only environmentally friendly but also cost-effective. A 60V1000W motor and controller provide the necessary power to keep your deliveries swift and efficient.

The TL150 offers a range of 50-70 kilometers per charge, depending on your battery choice, ensuring that your business runs smoothly throughout the day. With a charging time of just 6-8 hours, you can quickly get back on the road, minimizing downtime.

Safety and Reliability

Safety is paramount when it comes to urban logistics. The TL150 is equipped with drum brakes on both the front and rear, along with a hand brake for secure parking. Its integrated rear axle and shock absorbers guarantee stability, even when handling challenging terrain.


At JINPENG, we understand the evolving needs of urban logistics and have designed the TL150 to be the ultimate solution. Versatile, eco-friendly, and efficient, it empowers businesses to thrive in the fast-paced urban environment. With JINPENG's TL150, you're not just transporting goods; you're shaping the future of urban logistics. Join us in this revolution today!

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